Creating a Killer Website: Part One

5 July 2017

Blog post

Content is King

So many small business owners do one thing when it’s time to build their site: they look at the websites of more established brands and cherry pick features they want to copy. This is completely understandable because we all want to model ourselves after the the most successful people in our fields. But fancy features are pointless if you don’t have the images, experience and content to flesh it out. Remember, your content is the most important thing about your site. Invest in well thought out text, professional photos, and things that will make it easier for viewers to buy into your services. A one page site that answers all of a potential client’s questions is just as effective as a 10 page site with all the bells and whistles. Before you start perusing other companies sites make sure you’re clear on your ideal client, what they’re looking for, and what content you need to attract them.

Sassy Tips
If writing is hard for you (or you hate writing about yourself like me) hire a professional: Ashley Beaudin wrote our about us page and she is amazing!If you don’t have a lot of professional photos and don’t have the time or money to invest in a photoshoot use stock images! Stocksy has become a go to for me!