Bridesmaid Boxes

14 December 2016

Blog post

Holiday season has us thinking of some of our favorite kinds of gifts: bridesmaid boxes! We love the trend of brides asking their best girlfriends to be their bridesmaids with thoughtful, cute gifts. But like with any gifts these can get expensive! We’ve put together some sassy bridesmaid box ideas all ringing in under $50/ person!bridesmaidboxesSassy Tips:

One For All

One great way to keep costs down is to buy sets of things you can break down. For example, sets of nail polish, cards, and cocktail mixer can be split across all of your bridesmaids!

Pretty Packaging

The packaging is just as important as the gift! Keep it simple with paper bags and tissue paper, or make it fancy with luxe boxes or baskets. Post holiday season is a great time to snag great packaging at a fraction of the original price.

Remember What’s Important

Putting your bridesmaids boxes together should be fun, not stressful! Rememebr, these ladies will be MOST excited about being a part of your big day!

$20 box: Nail Polish, Earrings, Picture Frame $30 box: Candle, Confetti Popper, Champagne Gummies, Gift Box, Card $45 Box: T-Shirt, Tote Bag, Patron, Cocktail Mixes, Cards, Box