The second quarter


Confession: I had this bright idea that I would start the new year off right and blog every week thanks to all the fabulous goals I’d made in my power sheets. Well guess what: It’s April and I haven’t looked at my power sheets since February. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ come to every year: I have to do the work. (yes I’ve been watching RHOA)All of the organizational tools in the world won’t help me at all if I’m procrastinating! But there has been a slight change this year…rather than beating myself up about my failure I’m just rolling with it and doing the next best thing: catching up and giving myself a more realistic goal. Over the next few days I’ll be posting monthly recaps for January, February, and March and starting this month I’ll be blogging AT LEAST once a month. On top of that I’ve updated the site: see here and here and will have new weddings to post very soon! Roll on second quarter!

Aisha’s Christmas Wishlist

I should start this out by saying that Aisha is going to SPAIN for Christmas, so I don’t think she deserves a Christmas Wishlist at all! Seriously though, as jealous as I am, I thought it only fair that she get to share her favorite things of the season with you all as well. Looking at her list, you can clearly see who is the more stylish sister! I see a business opportunity in this list though: Paper to Petal….are paper flowers a service we’ll be adding on soon? You’re welcome future brides!december-sassayalamode-aishaswishlist

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