Bridesmaid Boxes

Holiday season has us thinking of some of our favorite kinds of gifts: bridesmaid boxes! We love the trend of brides asking their best girlfriends to be their bridesmaids with thoughtful, cute gifts. But like with any gifts these can get expensive! We’ve put together some sassy bridesmaid box ideas all ringing in under $50/ person!bridesmaidboxesSassy Tips:

One For All

One great way to keep costs down is to buy sets of things you can break down. For example, sets of nail polish, cards, and cocktail mixer can be split across all of your bridesmaids!

Pretty Packaging

The packaging is just as important as the gift! Keep it simple with paper bags and tissue paper, or make it fancy with luxe boxes or baskets. Post holiday season is a great time to snag great packaging at a fraction of the original price.

Remember What’s Important

Putting your bridesmaids boxes together should be fun, not stressful! Rememebr, these ladies will be MOST excited about being a part of your big day!

$20 box: Nail Polish, Earrings, Picture Frame $30 box: Candle, Confetti Popper, Champagne Gummies, Gift Box, Card $45 Box: T-Shirt, Tote Bag, Patron, Cocktail Mixes, Cards, Box

Brand Refresh


Confession! We have changed our logo DRASTICALLY three times. This is not something we recommend but it happens often when you have the following issues:

1. You don’t know your ideal client.

2. You’re not confident in your service.

3. You’re worried about what other people are doing.

We’ve had all of those issues at one point or another in our business and to be honest, we totally still struggle with comparing ourselves to our competition. But the more we’ve helped others with their brands the more we’ve had to ask ourselves the same difficult questions that we ask them and really hone in on our style and brand identity.

So this year instead of doing a complete brand overhaul we’ve simply done a brand resfresh! Our logo is a little more polished, our site is a little cooler, and our social media efforts are more intentional. We haven’t tried to be something we’re not, or follow our peers. We’re being true to ourselves and are marketing towards a certain kind of client: cool, modern, lover of hand made products and authentic story telling. Our sassy client respects tradition, but wants to put her own spin on things, she loves converses AND louboutins, she LOVES Australian weddings (seriously if you haven’t seen any check them out now!) and is designing a live (and brand or wedding!) she loves!

If this is you we want to work you! Drop us a line! xo

Most Curious Wedding Fair

Aisha had a blast at the Most Curious Wedding Fair a couple of weeks ago in London. It was so great meeting the couples that attended the show as well as likeminded, creative vendors! This show was definitely most in line with our brand and services in comparison to shows we’ve done and the past, and we can’t wait to both be there next year!