A Sassy Bday!

30 June 2014

Blog post


I love throwing surprise parties and this year I decided to surprise my mom with Polercise party for her and her girlfriends for her bday! It was a blast! They all had an amazing time and though I have photos AND video, I’m pretty sure I’d be shot for sharing it on the internet! 🙂 If you live in Melbourne and have not been to Polercise before you are missing out. There are tons of classes but my fave are their private party packages. This was my second one and I love the studio and Shawna, who owns Polercise and teaches the private parties.

After learning how to spin, frisk and work the pole we headed to Rodizio Grill for an AMAZING dinner. Its a new restaurant so they are still learning how to run things, but all the meats we tried were delicious, the staff was amazing, and the Caipirinhas are a must have!

All in all it was a great evening, and I think my “daughter of the year” title is still in place! 🙂